The best way to predict the future is to create it.

- Peter Drucker



The Puyallup Sumner Leadership Institute is an intentional strategy for developing high quality leaders.  Some of these leaders will become volunteers for civic, charitable and governmental organizations in the Puyallup and Sumner area.  As a part of a network of local business and civic leaders, participants will have an opportunity to develop high level leadership skills.  The Puyallup Sumner Leadership Institute is designed to get results.  Life changing results for the participants. Positive results for the business and organization in which they work.   At the end of the program, participants are expected to become engaged with community organizations in leadership roles.

Our track record of producing leaders that are making a difference in their community increases as each class graduates.  The leaders from our classes have become council members, judges, giving agency board members and numerous other leaders in the community.

We are able to produce highly thoughtful and skilled leaders because our program focuses on reflective work, networking within our communities and establishing a servant leadership model.  It is a year long process of exploration as we learn about our local communities by meeting with corporate leaders, business owners and change agents.



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I learned that it is important to develop core values and to put them on paper.


I was exposed to different parts of our community to make a positive impact.


I learned more about my personality and how I interact with other

people.  This is invaluable as I bring people together.


I didn’t expect to learn how I can use my business connection to play a role in helping in the community, such as in the school


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